2021-07-26 Dirk Steinmetzimplementationprovider: minor fixes master
2021-07-26 Dirk Steinmetzruntime: dirty hack for TB91
2021-07-26 Dirk Steinmetztcp: update for TB91
2021-07-26 Dirk Steinmetzcustomui: fix calendar locations on TB91
2021-06-30 Dirk Steinmetzcustomui: E10S fixes for recent versions
2021-04-24 Dirk Steinmetzimplementationprovider: add example to readme
2021-04-24 Dirk Steinmetzimplementationprovider-aggregators: fix readme
2021-04-24 Dirk SteinmetzAdd example for ImplementationProvider
2021-04-24 Dirk SteinmetzAdd new experiment: ImplementationProvider
2021-04-24 Dirk SteinmetzRemove manifest.json
2021-02-10 Dirk Steinmetzcustomui: fix sidebar element name
2021-02-10 Dirk SteinmetzUpdate LICENSE/NOTICE
2021-02-10 Dirk SteinmetzAdd all location example for customui
2021-02-10 Dirk Steinmetzcustomui: refactor sidebars
2021-02-10 Dirk Steinmetzcustomui: make sidebar locations generic
2021-02-10 John Bielingcustomui: add sidebar
2021-02-04 John Bielingcustomui: add sidebar for composer
2021-02-04 Dirk Steinmetzcustomui: E10S support
2021-02-04 Dirk Steinmetzcustomui: fix contextId in browser id
2021-01-12 Dirk Steinmetzcustomui: codestyle for unknown file action
2021-01-12 John Bielingcustomui: add LOCATION_UNKNOWN_FILE_ACTION
2020-10-13 Dirk SteinmetzAdd readme for cachingfix and customui
2020-10-08 Dirk Steinmetzcustomui: event edit location, local options
2020-07-17 Dirk SteinmetzReplace fixCaching.jsm with experiment
2020-07-09 Dirk SteinmetzExperiments from